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Helpful Links and Resources


Burroughs Veterinary Services believes that education and knowledge are power.  They wish to provide helpful learning tools to their clients, so that they can be better prepared to prevent emergencies, or deal with them when they arise.  We hope that you find the following links useful.

AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners)


The AAEP is the governing association for equine veterinarians all over the country.  Their page features great resources and tools to educate clients on topics ranging from foaling to colic, and everywhere in between.

American Farrier's Association


Burroughs Veterinary Services understands that a horse's health extends beyond veterinary care.  It includes proper preventive care such as good nutrition, training, and farrier care.  BVS strives to maintain a good relationship with farriers in the area, and encourages clients to use their farrier as a resource.  The American Farrier's Association also has helpful information on finding a farrier, and great information on hoof care and common hoof diseases.

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