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Services offered


Equine Emergencies 24/7 (513-444-8908)

Equine and Canine chiropractic care

Lameness examinations

Digital Radiography

Digital Ultrasound

Abdominal and Tendon examination available

Joint Injections

Pre-Purchase Examinations

Equine Reproduction

Mare/Stallion Breeding Soundness Examination

Reproductive Ultrasound

In-House Uterine Culture

Artificial Insemination

Post-Partum Mare/Foal Evaluation

Stallion Collection/Semen Evaluation

Surrogate mares for embryo transfer available (please note: no in-house embryo transfer at this time)


Coggins Testing

International shipment of horses



Trans-tracheal Wash

Guttural Pouch Examination


Wellness examinations

Deworming Strategies/Fecal Flotation

Canine and Feline routine care, including vaccines and spay/neuter services

Many more services available - just call and ask!





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